Grant Guidelines

Who we will fund
This fund is available for graduate students and 501c3 non-profit organizations (or equivalent type non-profit organizations or associations).

What we will fund
Grant funds may be used to support scientific research (both quantitative and qualitative), environmental education, sustainable economic development (eco-tourism, e.g.) and other conservation activities provided that the applicant can demonstrate how the project will support and protect biodiversity or its habitat and help Rainforest Biodiversity Group complete its mission.

Geographic location
This year RBG is only funding projects in Costa Rica. In particular, projects that take place within the San Juan – La Selva Biological Corridor will be prioritized.

Funding Restrictions
Additionally, this grant cannot be used for the purchase of land, involuntary resettlement of people including displacement of land uses or impeding access to traditional uses of natural resources, or activities that negatively affect physical cultural resources, including those important to local communities.

Amount and Term of Grant
This year, up to $1500 is available. Applicants may apply for the full amount, but RBG may choose to fund only a portion of the project. Funds must be used within one year. Successful applicants will provide a six-month progress report to RBG as well as a final report upon completion of project. The call for proposals is NOW OPEN until Feb. 15, 2017

Applicants must prove they are students at an accredited university, or that they are officially registered as a non-profit organization or association (official papers may be requested). Applicants must demonstrate their ability to achieve demonstrable results within the term of this grant program.

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