The Goose with the Golden Eggs

The Center for Responsible Travel has produced a new documentary called The Goose with the Golden Eggs: Tourism on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast. Provocative and informative, the film examines the impacts of different models of coastal tourism in Costa Rica, from small-scale eco-lodges and a sustainable mid-sized resort to large-scale resorts, vacation homes, and cruise ships along the northern Pacific Coast.

The film features interviews with Margarita Penon, Costa Rica’s former First Lady and member of Congress, as well as with other government officials, tourism experts, and residents of coastal communities who are affected by Costa Rica’s tourism boom.

“The travel industry has become so powerful it can make or break a village
or a country. The Goose With Golden Eggs reveals how even Costa Rica, the
capital of ecotourism, is vulnerable to large resort hotels that can decimate
coastlines and local communities,” says Elizabeth Becker, author of OVERBOOKED: The
Exploding Business of Travel and Tourism. This film portrays the differences between high volume industrial scale resort and cruise tourism and high value nature-based tourism. Click here to view the trailer.

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