Annual Bird-a-Thon

Last year, Rainforest Biodiversity Group (RBG) was able to raise $2255 during our annual Bird-a-thon. Over the last five years we have raised over $12,000 for our SMALL GRANT PROGRAM. With funds raised in 2017 we will now be providing funding for the Tropical Science Center in Costa Rica and Fundacion del Rio of Nicaragua to do a year of nest searching and reproductive monitoring of Great Green Macaws in the San Juan – La Selva – Indio Maize Biological Corridor between Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

Hurricane Otto tore through the region in November 2016. Hurricanes are rare in Costa Rica, however, this storm oddly hit northern Costa Rica and southern Nicaragua and downed thousands of trees. The devastation included some Great Green Macaw nest trees. The Great Greens had been making a comeback and new information from the Tropical Science Center showed the population had increased over the last 10 years. However, the storm damage could be impacting Great Green Macaw survival and reproduction. The Tropical Science Center, Fundacion del Rio and another collaborator, The Ara Project, are going to help find out the impact of the storm and how the Great Green are coping after Hurricane Otto. As such this year’s BIRD-A-THON T-shirt will feature the Great Green Macaw.

If you donate at least $50 to the 2018 RBG BIRD-A-THON (our 12th Annual) you will get a free T-shirt. Additionally, you will help us fund another project through our SMALL GRANT PROGRAM in 2019.

Our goal is again a minimum of $2000 to be able to facilitate the minimum size of our Small Grants. We of course would love to be able to offer more or do a second small grant. The more you can support the more we can do for biodiversity! Will you support our Small Grant Program with a donation of at least $50?

This year’s BIRD-A-THON will be held on May 19th. If you would like to participate as a birder, you are more than welcome to actively participate in our fundraiser. We would love for you to help spread the word and help us raise some funds! Please contact us and we can add you to our team of birders!

In the past people have raised funds by providing a challenge to our team of birders. Contributions range from 25 cents per species to a dollar – and some even more than that! All are appreciated and will be used to help further our goals. Others provide a set amount as a donation. Whichever direction you would like to go we encourage your participation.

You can donate here through CrowdRise or directly via PayPal using Please email us at if you have any further questions about donating or joining our fundraiser as a birder. More information about Rainforest Biodiversity Group and our Small Grant Program can be found at

We sincerely thank you sincerely for your support!

Be sure to provide your t-shirt size and shipping address in the “Comment, In Memory, Tribute (Optional)” Box on the Donation Page if you are donation over $50!

Albergue el Socorro Lodge and Reserve in Costa Rica was our Small Grant Recipient in 2017

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