Land Trust Program

Read about our land trust work on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

Our Mission

Protecting rainforests, one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world and supports life for countless species.

Small Grant Program

Rainforest Biodiversity Group awards small grants annually for conservation work in the neo-tropics. Read about 2012's recipient Osa Conservation and their sea turtle hatchery project.

Costa Rican Bird Route

Get off the beaten path and explore what northern Costa Rica has to offer on your next adventure.

Annual Bird-a-Thon

The proceeds of our annual Bird-a-Thon support our Small Grant Program. Click here to learn more about participating and making a donation.

Christmas Bird Count

Read the results of this year's Christmas Bird Count in the Maquenque bird circle in northern Costa Rica.

RBG Small Grant Program

Our small grant program supports advancing the conservation of biodiversity.