Our Mission


The mission of Rainforest Biodiversity Group is: to protect biological diversity, including migratory bird species, through the protection of habitat for the Great Green Macaw and the creation of local conservation initiatives.

The organization founded in 2000, originally operated under the name Friends of the Great Green Macaw, for the group’s dedication to protect the last vestiges of habitat in Costa Rica for this critically endangered species. Where the macaws remain, the forest is old growth and relatively healthy. Biologically this means that to protect habitat for the Great Green Macaw is to protect habitat for thousands of other species that live alongside them. To reflect the organization’s broader interest in all biodiversity, the Friends of the Great Green Macaw later changed our name to Rainforest Biodiversity Group (RBG).

RBG focuses on migratory birds for much the same reasoning as it focuses on the Great Green Macaw. Working to protect migratory bird species serves to protect habitat for a number of other species and preserve ecosystem health. Migrants cover long distances and depend on numerous stopover sites to rest and re-fuel during their migration south and north. As the human population grows, less stopover habitat is available. In addition, illegal logging and agricultural expansion continues to eradicate remaining bird habitat in the tropics where these migrants spend their winter. In particular, the proliferation of pineapple in northern Costa Rica in recent years poses significant challenges to conservation.

RBG works to mitigate these threats to biodiversity through the implementation of a variety of conservation initiatives including reforestation projects, environmental education and outreach, tree protection programs, land easements and development of sustainable livelihoods. RBG also focuses on improving scientific knowledge of the health of bird populations as well as supporting other non-profit organizations in their conservation efforts through its small grant program.

Rainforest Biodiversity Group is an accredited 501(c)3 non-profit in the United States and all donations are tax-deductible.

Great Green Macaws by Mark Stafford.

Great Green Macaws by Mark Stafford.

Rose breasted Grosbeak, a neotropical migrant.

Rose breasted Grosbeak, a neotropical migrant.

Pineapple plantation in northern Costa Rica.

Pineapple plantation in northern Costa Rica; a significant threat to biodiversity.


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