Costa Rican Bird Route Sites

chilamateChilamate Rainforest Eco-Retreat: this family run sustainable tourism project is dedicated to rainforest conservation, contributing positively to the community and providing an unforgettable tourism experience.

laselva_birdLa Selva Biological Station: La Selva is one of the most famous tropical biological stations in the world. The San Juan – La Selva Biological Corridor is named for its connection to the large amount of habitat La Selva protects. As one of the premier bird watching locations in Costa Rica it had to be included in the Bird Route.

gonzalezQuebrada Gonzalez: Located in Braulio Carrillio National Park, this site is easily one of the best locations to observe birds in Costa Rica. For example you can expect to see amazing mixed flocks of tanagers, flycatchers, and antbirds, and regional endemics like the Yellow-eared Toucanet and the Snowcap hummingbird.

jalapaLago Jalapa: Outside the bustling town of Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui are the calm waters of Lago Jalapa. Kayaks allow visitors to explore the shores of the lake in a serene and peaceful manner. Here kingfishers, anhingas, and herons make their livelihoods.

catarataCatarata del Toro: The waterfall is the big attraction at this site…and it will blow you away. The top of the canyon offers great views, and pre-montane wet forest with lots of hummingbirds and other mid-elevation species. Descend to the base of the waterfall and see what mother nature can really do.

selvaverdeSelva Verde Lodge: This well-established Eco-Lodge is already participating in the Rainforest Alliance / Costa Rican Tourism Board sponsored Sustainable Tourism Program. The Lodge has a large forest preserve, as well as an adjoining environmental center, the Sarapiqui Conservation Learning Center.

yatama2Eco-Lodge Yatama: At 470 meters elevation and located in the buffer zone of Braulio Carrillo national park, is a wonderful getaway with a large diversity of plants, insects, amphibians, mammals and of course birds.

laguna2Laguna del Lagarto Lodge: One of the most important vestiges of Great Green Macaw habitat occurs in the area of the Laguna del Lagarto Lodge. Remotely located, this reserve offers the lowland rainforest experience (which can even be done by canoe or kayak).

gavilan_birdEl Gavilan Lodge: The lodge is known for the giant raptor migration that is observed annually at this locale. Gavilan Lodge is well respected as a great birding lodge.

tirimbinaTirimbina Rainforest Center: An educational/training center with a great reserve and a famous “Chocolate Tour”. This reserve is a staple portal reserve for visiting other reserves in the La Virgen Area of the San Juan – La Selva Biological Corridor.

pedacitoMi Pedacito de Cielo: Translation is “My little piece of heaven”. This new family run lodge is already up and running. They offer unique tours that put you in the heart of Great Green Macaw habitat.

albergueAlbergue El Socorro: A great little bird watcher hideaway at middle elevations that supports an incredible diversity of birds. A home-style atmosphere will make Costa Rica’s great hospitality hard to forget.

quebrada_birdQuebrada Grande: This is community conservation in action. The Community of Quebrada manages a private reserve that offers bird watching in a canopy tower, great views of the Biological Corridor, a waterfall and lots of local contact.

pangola2Cinco Ciebas Rainforest Reserve: A huge reserve with lots of unexplored territory. Both high quality and rustic accommodations are available, as well as canoe trips through the rainforest swamps. Climb the canopy tower and get a panoramic view of this amazing site.

santaelenaSanta Elena Wildlife Reserve: The reserve is overseen and managed by 3 local organizations: the Farmer´s Association, the Local Development Association and the Women’s Association. The site is a true oasis of primary and secondary forest among pineapple plantations.

bosqueBosque Tropical del Toro: This site is comprised of two neighboring landowners that have come together for the greater good of conservation. Hike from one site to the next while birding the little explored Yolillo Palm Swamps. Scarlet Macaws and Tapir tracks are regularly observed at these sites. In addition, high amounts of hard to find bird species have been tracked down on the Paniagua property.

maquenque2Maquenque Eco-Lodge: Visit a family who has been trying their hardest to protect habitat for the Great Green Macaw on their own. They have built a small jungle lodge to help raise funds to maintain their desire to conserve wildlife habitat.


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