2010 CBC Results

On January 9th, 2010, the Rainforest Biodiversity Group coordinated the 2nd annual Maquenque Christmas Bird Count. This year a total of 16 people counted at 8 sites within the Maquenque Bird Count Circle.  All participants noted that the weather the day of the count was not the best for counting. However, between bouts of rain and gusts of wind the participants found a total of 3,662 individual birds of 241 species. Interestingly, 100 plus more individual birds were observed this year than last year however, 63 less species were observed this year. The top two sites were Bosque Tropical del Toro and Maquenque Eco-lodge, who both had 107 species. Mi Pedacito de Cielo was right behind these two sites with 105 species found.

The species with the single most individuals observed was the Montezuma Oropendola with a total of 212 individuals. Some of the most interesting species observed during this year’s count included;

  • Buff-throated foliage gleaner
  • Dot-winged Antwren
  • Bi-colored Antbird
  • Great and Fasciated Antshrike
  • Pied and White-necked Puffbird
  • Ruddy-tailed Flycatcher
  • Common Potoo
  • Collared Forest Falcon
  • Song Wren
  • Great Green Macaw
  • 3 species of Tinamou

As the count takes place in the winter, species known as neo-tropical migrants are of course taking advantage of the available food sources in the tropics at this time of year.  During this year’s count 10 species of migratory warblers were observed including bay-breasted, Wilson’s, magnolia and mourning warbler.  Other interesting migrants included catbird, Swainson’s thrush, wood thrush and common yellowthroat.

RBG would like to personally thank all of the participants for making the 2009 Maquenque Bird Count possible: Angie Sanchez, Guido Quesada, Gustavo Flores, Paul Pickering, Darrell and Lorna Smith, Fred Ball, David  and Alberto Segura, Dorothy MacKinnon, Peter Negaard, Gerardo Vega, his wife and daughter, and Mathais Kummerlen.

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