2009 CBC Results

January 3, 2009 marked the first ever Christmas Bird Count of a new Bird Count Circle within the Bird Route. The Maquenque circle encompasses seven of the Bird Route sites, and we are extremely pleased that we had 21 volunteers birding those seven sites on January 3! These volunteers were ornithologists and experienced bird guides, and together they were able to log 253 species and 3,570 individuals. Click here for the complete list from all the sites for this day.

The Maquenque Circle is joining another circle in the Bird Route region that has already been established; La Selva bird count circle. It the hope of Rainforest Biodiversity Group that the Christmas Bird Count at both of these circles will be continued each year, providing us valuable data on the bird populations that call the Costa Rican Bird Route home.


• Bosque Tropical del Toro:  Orlando Vargas, Luis Vargas, Diego Vargas and Joe Taylor.
• Finca Paniagua: Pieter Westra, William Ureña and Gerald Campos.
• Refugio Quebrada Grande: Minor Hidalgo, Kevin Martínez and Enrique Salizetti.
• Maquenque Ecolodge: Gerardo Vega and Adolfo Downs.
• Mi Pedacito de Cielo: Paula Calderón and Adilio Zeledón.
• Laguna Lagarto Lodge: Leandro Arias, Alvar Saborío and Didier
• Finca Pangola: Gustavo Flores, Elidier Vargas, Pablo Elizondo and Andrew Rothman.

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